You can allow your customer to login to the shopping cart using Facebook to take advantage of the billions of user that already have an account. The advantage of this is to eliminate the need for your customers to recall all the passwords that they have, just to shop at your store.

To summarize steps needed to support Facebook login below:

  1. Your store needs a Facebook Account.
  2. Then you need to sign up as a developer in the Facebook Developer Page.
  3. Create an App and enable emails to be collected.
  4. Copy the Facebook API Key and Secret Key into the Site Settings page.

Become a Facebook Developer

To start you will need a Facebook account, go to and register.

Then go to, and click Register Now button at the top of the page.

Follow the Facebook wizards accordingly:

1. Accept the terms and conditions by Facebook, and select continue.

2. You will need to provide Facebook with you mobile number to verify that you are a real person and not a bot.

3. Facebook will send you a validation code to your phone, that you will need to key in.

4.Provide Facebook with additional details that they need about you.

5. Now that you have create a developer account in Facebook, you will need to create an app for your store.

Register a New Facebook Application

1. From within the Facebook developer page click on the at the top of the page.

2. Create a name for your applications. Almost any name is allowed with a few exceptions. It must be at least 7 characters long, with no spaces, no capitals and must not have been used by others before.

3. Click continue and verify the application with a a Captcha.

4. When completed you will see the new app with the API key and Secret Key. Use both key to populate into your store site settings page accordingly.

5. Go to the Settings tab and click on Add Platform. Select the Web Option. Then key in your website url into the Site URL box.

6. Select the App Details tab and key in additional information to further describe your application.

7.To finish you will need to submit you app for review and approval.