You may require more information from you customers when register into your shopping cart. This can be done using the Settings -> Membership Settings.

Create New Membership Property

  1. Click on the Enter New Property.
  2. Enter the relevant fields accordingly.


Key in the title of the information that you want.


Select the input field

Column Size/Min Length/ Max Length

Set the size accordingly

Require Field

Checking this will make it compulsory for the customer to fill in

Validation Expression

This ensure the field conforms to specific format i.e Passport No, Identity Card No, etc.

Text Mode/Row

For TextBox Control this changes the style to be an single line input or a multi-line input.

Triggered By

For StateBox Control, select the appropriate CountryBox Control that will determine which state/region to be displayed

Empty Message

For certain controls you can display a overlapping message when its not filled yet. This feature is available depending on the theme.


You can enter a note on the right side of the input control.