You can start adding content to your website once you have created the page. To do so you need to be logged in as an administrator and navigate to the page that you want to add content to:

Accessing From Page Manager

Select the page from the Page Manager and click on the View Button.

Accessing From Navigation Link

Select from the Navigation Link in your menu bar.

Accessing From Web Page

Select the Page from your website navigation link.

Adding Content to the Page

When you have selected the page that you want to edit, enable the Edit Mode, top right from your menu bar.

The page layout will now change so that you can start editing. Area in the page that can be edited will be marked with a border with the title Content1, Content2, etc.

Click on the Toolbox button to display the list of options available for editing.

From the Toolbox, drag the HTML control and drop into the appropriate Content Panel.

 While in the content panel, select the Edit function in the HTML pane.

You can then start adding the content into the text editor. Click Update when completed.