To Create a new page click on Pages -> Page Manager in your online store menu bar.

1, Click on the Create New Page at the bottom left of the page

2. Enter the Page Name. This will identify the page.

3. Enter the Title. This will appear on the browser title or tab bar.

4. The Page Handler will be automatically created when you key in the Page Name. This will be used as part of the URL.

5. Select the Parent Page if this is a sub page.

6. Choose a Link Type

Normal: This is a default setting for a normal web page

Redirect URL: If this page will redirect to an external page

Redirect to own site: Redirect this page to another page within the online store

Not Clickable: The menu item cannot be clicked.

Hidden: Creates a hidden page. A link will not be created in the store menu bar

Product Catalog: This page redirects to a product page in the online store.

7. Enable Published if this page is ready to go live

8. Icon File are little image at the browser title or tab. Select if the page requires one.

9. If your page requires a different theme, you can select from your available designs in Page Skin.

10. Enable Include in Menubar so that is selectable.