If you are managing a lot of products in your store, you can use import data by using MS Excel (xls, xlsx).

Download the sample attachment to view the format of the Excel file.


The file must be in MS Excel format (xls, xlsx) and with the following conditions:

  1. Header must be included in the first row.
  2. Must be less than 1Mb size.

To start importing, select the Import from Excel function from the Product Manager.

Select the Excel file to upload into the system and category, then click on Confirm Import.

NOTE: Product Upload Template Format

  1. SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) is required to identify a product. Using the same SKU when it already exist on the system will cause it to update.
  2. To upload multiple images to the same product, SKU, Image and/or ThumbImage must be filled. Leave all other fields empty. If the Image file name does not exist in the product yet, it will be added.
  3. If your product has multiple attribute options, SKU, AttributeName, AttributeReq, AttributeSKU, AttributeItem, AttributeMDiff, AttributeMMetric and AttributeItemPrice must be filled. AttributeName if exist will add the option to it, else a new Attribute will be created.
  4. Supported Unit of Measurement for Dimension is only cm, m only. For Weight is g or kg only.