For bulk member insert or updates, you can use the import function. The file needs to be in MS Excel format (xls, xlsx).


The file must be in MS Excel format (xls, xlsx) and with the following conditions:

  1. Header must be included in the first row.
  2. Must be less than 1Mb size.

Excel Format

The first line of the file must include a header and must follow this sequence

  1. Name
  2. Login/Email
  3. Subsequent fields must follow the member properties in the same sequence (i.e. Address 1, Address 2, so on).

To Import Customers

  1. Select Options ->  Import from Excel.
  2. Choose the file that you need to import.
  3. If you intend to replace the information, check the Override Existing Member Data.
  4. Select the Confirm Import to complete the task.