Membership is used by your regular customers to simplify purchase and give you more insight on their purchase activity.

You can perform the following activity:

  1. View or Edit membership details.
  2. Setup required membership fields.

How Members Are Registered?

There are two ways a member can be registered into the system, thru the Register function or when the shopping cart Checkout.

Membership Via Register

When your customer registers for a membership into your system, they will be require a fill in a form that identifies themselves. The form contents can be customized in the Membership Settings page.

Once they have confirmed their membership, an email will be sent to them to validate the account by clicking on a hyperlink. This is to ensure they are able to receive emails such as order notification from the system and to ensure the right email address is entered.

Membership Via Checkout

Upon checking out the shopping cart, your customers can opt to register to simplify future shopping. In this case account is automatically activated once the shopping is completed.