Start creating your category by selecting the Product then Category Settings from the menu bar, then click Create New Category.

Create a New Category

Category Name

Enter a name that describes the category grouping.

Title/Page Handler

Use for search engine display result. Type some meaningful keywords. Page Handlers are automatically assigned to be similar to Category Name

Parent Category

Select if its a sub category.

Meta Keyword/ Meta Description/ Change Frequency/ Priority

Enter a meaningful keyword and description to improve search engine results.


Check if open for viewing in your online store.


Select Icon from file to display it on the browser title bar

Page Theme

You may select an alternate theme for this category if available

Menu Image/ Menu Selected/ Menu Hover

Select Image to use if you category menubar is designed with images

Adding Header and Footer in the Category Display View

You can add additional text to the header and footer of the category page that your customer see, in the Catalogue Additional Text Tab.