To add a new product, follow the steps below:

  1. In your merchant lobby, select the Product and then click on the Product Manager.
  2. In the Product Manager click on the 'Create A New Product'

Enter Your Product Information

SKU (Stock Keeping Unit)
This the unique identifier of a distinct product or service that is sold by your business. This is a mandatory field.

Product Name
A name of the product that you customers can identify.

Required Delivery
Physical goods sold will Require Delivery. For services, set to No Delivery and the dimension option will disappears.

Check to display the item in your online store.

On Sale
Check to enable customers to purchase.

Compare To Price
To show that you prices are lower than your sale price, enter a higher value here (such as other store). The store theme will display a price with a strikethrough font to indicate that your prices are discounted.

Sale Price
This price that you intend to sell to the customer.

Type here to describe your product.

Show Dimension
Check here if you want your product dimension to be displayed in the store

Width, Length & Height
Size of the product.

The shipping weight of the product.

Title/ Meta Keyword/ Meta Description
Type here to show how the product will be displayed by search engine results. Write meaningful keywords to better describe what you are selling.

Page Handler
Optimizes Search Engine result with a meaningful URL.

Page Theme
If you store has multiple skins installed, you may select a different theme for a different look when customers view this product