Software As A Service - Also known as web-hosted, on-demand software, the application is delivered to the client using the internet. This way the client is able to use the service functions without having to worry about setting it up or understanding the inner workings.

Business software can be pretty daunting to setup for most user. With this model,  we free you from all the tasks of installing, licensing, security, upgrading and maintenance, while you only worry about the business itself.

The service also runs on a multi-tenant architecture, which means all hardware and software are maintained centrally, and all customers share the same application core. This results in us have more resources to innovate quickly, simplify the delivery model and you will always get the latest application feature.

The benefit to the customers is tremendous, and all you only needs is just to get online.

YCSoft You
Faster Development and Deployment Lifecycle Anytime/Anywhere visibility
Quicker to respond to customer and trade requests Lower implementation cost
Provides flexibility and fcalability Faster implementation and ROI
Our success is linke to your success On going product enhancements
Faster Development and Deployment Lifecycle Lower outgoing IT source
Flexibiliy & scalability
Risk aversion